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Visa Use Smartphone To Prevent Fraud

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Visa has a great idea that will help you fight fraud by using your smartphone.

The credit card company will roll out a new feature in April that allows cardholders to automatically let Visa know where they are using the location services built into nearly every smartphone. The optional service will match up the coordinates of the smartphone with the location of the sale to more accurately predict instances of credit card fraud.

To set up the location tracker, Visa has made deals with card-issuing banks to add the option to their mobile banking apps. Over time, the location service will plot out a home range with a radius of about 50 miles. If the customer leaves that territory, the tracker will send that information to Visa, and the company will be less likely to flag that card for fraud when purchases are made.

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Skip the line at STARBUCKS with their new APP.

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You love your coffee and hate having to wait in line? Starbucks will allow you to skip the line with its new app. How does it work? Download their new app and place your order via your smartphone, walk/drive to your nearest location that you selected, walk in and pick it up. And best of all, the company’s mobile software sorts your payment too, which certainly makes the process that much friendly. But wait there is more, plans for a delivery option are in the works for customers who belong to Starbucks loyalty program — but only in select markets.

“Imagine the ability to create a standing order of Starbucks delivered hot to your desk daily,” CEO Howard Schultz said. “That’s our version of e-commerce on steroids.” The new version of the mobile app is set to arrive in December, with Portland, Oregon getting it first before a nation-wide rollout in early 2015.

So is this a service that you would use? Tell us in the comment section below.


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Get ready to start seeing video ads in your Instagram feed

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Remember that post that we shared? You know, the one where we said that Video Ads would be in your Instagram Feed shortly? Well it’s officialy here and a few Video ads are starting to show up like Disney, Activision, Banana Republic, CW and Lancome to name a few. More companies will be hogging your feed shortly.

Tell us how you feel about this in our comment section below. Will this deter you from using Instagram moving forward or do you like the ads?

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Taco Bell Launches Mobile App by Wiping Away Social Media Accounts!

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Wow! Now you can get your grub on by ordering your favorite Taco Bell item with your smartphone or tablet with their new app.

Crazy, but Taco Bell shut down all of it’s social media outlets on Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram and then went dark. They built up the hype with the hashtag #ONLYINTHEAPP

Launching its first dedicated app for iPhone and Android, it will let you order whatever you want, from wherever you are. The idea is to funnel the fast food chain’s online following over to its new application. It works like this: After you sync your credit or debit card, you select whatever it is you want to eat. Place your order, stroll over to the nearest Taco Bell, and–ta-da!–a piping hot bag of Mexican Pizzas and bean burritos will await your arrival.

I’m hungry now.

Grab the app HERE