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Pushbullet App Gets Update

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PUSHBULLET on Android just had another update this morning.

Right now, Pushbullet supports replying to WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Line.

Learn more about this update from Pushbullet’s Blog HERE

Now Use Foursquare Without Account

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What’s this? FOURSQUARE just recently released an update that eliminates the need to make an account? YES!!

And, it will let ANYONE not have to go through that tedious process of having to log in or even create an account. This is perfect, since Foursquare sister app “SWARM” has taken over all of its “check-in” capabilities and separates the two application.

The new Foursquare update will give Google Maps Local Guides, Yelp, and even Facebook Places some competition since they all have one thing in common: they all try to offer their users the tools to find places and businesses around their current location.

Foursquare’s product manager Jonathan Crowley was quoted, “The only reason it took time to nix that requirement is because it wasn’t easy changing the app’s framework. If you think back to the time you’ve registered, you’ll recall that signing up for Foursquare is quite tedious: it doesn’t only ask you to choose “tastes” (types of food and places) you like, it also wants you to link your other social media accounts. Now, both the iOS and Android app can just recommend establishments based on location, making them more akin to local directory services such as Yelp. The good news is that you can still add your preferences (without having to log in) later on if you want more personalized results.”


Skip the line at STARBUCKS with their new APP.

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You love your coffee and hate having to wait in line? Starbucks will allow you to skip the line with its new app. How does it work? Download their new app and place your order via your smartphone, walk/drive to your nearest location that you selected, walk in and pick it up. And best of all, the company’s mobile software sorts your payment too, which certainly makes the process that much friendly. But wait there is more, plans for a delivery option are in the works for customers who belong to Starbucks loyalty program — but only in select markets.

“Imagine the ability to create a standing order of Starbucks delivered hot to your desk daily,” CEO Howard Schultz said. “That’s our version of e-commerce on steroids.” The new version of the mobile app is set to arrive in December, with Portland, Oregon getting it first before a nation-wide rollout in early 2015.

So is this a service that you would use? Tell us in the comment section below.


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