Taco Bell Launches Mobile App by Wiping Away Social Media Accounts!


Wow! Now you can get your grub on by ordering your favorite Taco Bell item with your smartphone or tablet with their new app.

Crazy, but Taco Bell shut down all of it’s social media outlets on Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram and then went dark. They built up the hype with the hashtag #ONLYINTHEAPP

Launching its first dedicated app for iPhone and Android, it will let you order whatever you want, from wherever you are. The idea is to funnel the fast food chain’s online following over to its new application. It works like this: After you sync your credit or debit card, you select whatever it is you want to eat. Place your order, stroll over to the nearest Taco Bell, and–ta-da!–a piping hot bag of Mexican Pizzas and bean burritos will await your arrival.

I’m hungry now.

Grab the app HERE