How can we help your business?

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Solutions / Services

We will set up and/or maintain your presence on all major channels, i.e. Facebook page. We will develop your interview skills, write and/or edit blog posts, create and/or maintain company’s website and create press releases. We actively seek print media for interviews and spotlights on your business.

There is a special division dedicated to the racing community. If you have a business or a driver that needs promotion, we will design and implement strategies that caters to this unique community.

Social Media Strategy & Implementation

We will share and post content on all major channels, i.e. Facebook and Instagram, on a set schedule. We will build fan base by listening and engaging in conversation. We will cultivate relationships in the community by participating in social media communities, i.e. Google+.

Management of Social Identity

We will respond to comments; moderate comments for unethical statements and profanity. We will conduct social media audits by measuring profile views (profile views lead to website visitors) and measuring link clicks (when a fan/follower clicks the link to your website).