Google’s Project Fi Wireless Service. Will You Join?


Wow, Google just became a wireless carrier through their new wireless service called Project Fi.

All the rumors that were spreading like wildfire these last few months were true. So what is “Project Fi” and how you can get signed up, which devices work? I linked the official video as well to show off whats in store for you if you do make the switch.

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Are you in the “Coverage Area”?

To check to see if you will be covered by Project Fi, you can click through to Google’s Project FI coverage map: HERE.

Carriers participating are Sprint and T-Mobile LTE, US Markets only..for now.


Which phone can you use?

So far only the NEXUS 6.

How much for service?

Plan starts with the Fi Basics for $20 per month. This includes:

Unlimited domestic talk and text
Unlimited international texts
Low-cost international calls
Wi-Fi tethering
Coverage in 120+ countries
Then it’s $10 per GB for data. $10 for 1GB, $20 for 2GB, $30 for 3GB and so on. That’s it. With no annual contract required.