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Honeywell Finally Has a Thermostat That Can Compete With Nest?

Google’s Nest thermostat may be the darling of the smart-home revolution, but Honeywell just launched a competitor with promises of being even smarter.

Honeywell introduced the Lyric thermostat ($279) on Tuesday, the first smart thermostat on the market that uses geofencing technology within the device itself. There’s a healthy collection of programmable and smart thermostats already available (and some work with geofencing), but this one can change the temperature based on how close you are to home — from 500 feet to up to 7 miles away.

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Google+ Stories Is an Automatic Scrapbook For Your Vacation Photos

One of our favorite apps G+ just keeps getting better and better. Now the app will make your vacation photos into stories!


The tool will “weave your photos, videos and the places you visited into a beautiful travelogue,” said Google’s director of product management, Anil Sabharwal, in a Google+ post.

Stories will be created automatically when users who backed up their photos and videos to Google+ return from vacation. The feature will be integrated into both web and mobile versions of Google+.

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