Did you know that….
72% of all internet users use social media.

Therefore you could be losing business if your business isn’t connected on social media. 

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Who are we?

SpiralDust Media Inc was founded by Heath Patterson in 2011. Heath has extensive experience with developing and implementing social media campaigns. His effective communication and presentation skills to stakeholders ensure brand awareness and increased traffic to social media channels. SpiralDust Media was created as a result of his passion for creating and executing social media strategies.

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What do we do?

SpiralDust Media creates and manages social media strategies aimed at increasing brand awareness.  SDM will post diversified content and develop strategies to improve user engagement and drive action across all major channels, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and the company’s blog. SDM will evaluate and recommend the use of tools and technologies to manage, monitor and analyze channels and initiatives. To measure growth, SDM will conduct social media audits by gathering data around existing social presence and reach, current brand visibility, as well as potential audience size and interaction levels.

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How do we do it?

  • By being informed of evolving social media technologies and utilizing it.
  • Executing daily and weekly social media initiatives, i.e. post relative content, on all major channels.
  • Attending media events to cover all of the company’s activities from a social media perspective.
  • Creating and maintaining a social media calendar for both short and long term brand campaigns.
  • Monitoring and tracking social media engagement and results.
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